From Hernando Abilez

My dear friend, Hilda, we have known each other for numerous years and I was always proud to call you a friend and to have known you. I just finished reading your wonderful book, and I must say, that I have never been prouder of you like I am today! It takes a special woman with tremendous courage to share her life experiences for everyone to read, but in so doing you give wonderful advice on lessons you learned through the good and bad times. This book is ideal for the single mom, the woman in a bad and dead end relationship, and especially for a woman who is in an abusive relationship too. More importantly, it is for any woman beginning a new relationship with a man and the "red" flags to look for that if not heeded could turn into abuse and worse....rape! You are a "light" and I Thank you for not being afraid to tell everyone that God is in your life today and with God, there is nothing you can't handle! I recommend your book to everyone and it is a must read book!

From Blanca Rivera

I finished your book today! WOW, it was truly well written and I was overwhelmed by the hardships and tribulations you went through. It made me cry, especially when you wrote about Tia's farewell to all of you. That's how incredible it was. I think this book should be read by the younger girls who are contemplating relationships and/or moving in their boyfriends. Your life lessons were indeed the "icing on the cake". God never leaves us, we just forget that he is there. I hope and pray that your book continues to triumph. I am very proud of you for having the courage to write and tell about your life, Hilda. Your Mom and Dad are telling all the angel friends that's my beautiful Hilda!

From Linda Hinojosa-Ochoa

I just finished your book. I really felt a connection with your life story. Like I was reliving it with you! Since I have known you since 1984, I was familiar with some of your life's lessons. But like they say you don't know what people are going through until you walk in their shoes. Look what The Lord has done in your life! You have come a long way baby. What a beautiful transformation He has made. He was with you all the way. He never left your side. I pray that your book, your life lessons, your openness & honesty will bring freedom & recovery to women who may be walking through or have walked through your path or something similar. May our Lord use your words & scriptures to bring healing & restoration to their lives. Thank you for being open, honest & giving God the Glory! I believe The Lord has brought healing, restoration & closure to you through this book!

From Roy Henry

I was very moved by the entire book and most importantly I cried when I read Chapter 24 Mi' Madre, I miss you. I thought I knew you until I read your story. I know that it is an important book for especially the younger generation of women to read. I recommend that my two daughters read it. I have never had anyone feel it was important enough to write a chapter about me. I am honored to have a chapter written in my honor.

From Shirley Humberson

I loved your book. In fact, I ignored my husband all day when I read it. I plan on purchasing a couple more of them as gifts to inspire other women! Thanks Hilda

From Alyssa Teran Stone

Finished your book the day after I got it. Was so proud of you for opening up and I learned so much about you and also learned how similar we both are. We truly are family. I was so inspired and encouraged to become more Christ like and accepting of God in my life. Sometimes it's been hard to trust him in the past but I have come to accept that everything happens for a reason. I love you and thank you again for sending me the book!

From Martha Aleman

Loved your book, could identify and connect with a broken human heart, over failed relationships, and unfortunate life events. But at the same time take comfort. That Jesus can heal and comfort broken hearts. Thank you Hilda for sharing your story.

From Sandra Teran Stone

A strong powerful testimony of one who struggled to do what was right even though the signs of divine intervention were always there to guide. It's an easy book to read and one that can be read a little at a time taking in each life lesson and reference to the Bible.